10 Random Funny Pick Up Lines to Use on Girls

There are multiple and different funny pick up lines to use on girls from which you can choose and see what best fits you or the girl the best. It will also depend on the type of relationship you have with that girl and nonetheless if it actually fits the situation in which you are both. If your only purpose is a one night stand, a more aggressive, sexual and funny pick up line to use on girls is the best solution for you in this case.

Aggressive – sexual, funny pick up lines to use on girls are more suited if your only purpose is a one night stand. If you are interested only in relationships, you will probably need just plain and simple funny pick up lines to use on girls, without the sexual content involvement.

Using them in the right context, at the right time and right place will definitely increase your chances of success. If you can succeed in approaching a girl and use lines that will make her laugh, then you will definitely have a subject of conversation to talk with her.

Here are some 10 random funny pick up lines to use on girls that might help you.

1. I am probably not perfect, but I sure am working on it.

2. I just learned something great today. Is it true that all girls just want to have fun?

3. With what kind of small animal do you think I look like?

4. Can I ask you a very personal question? What is your idea about my butt?

5. I am sure that when I die, I probably will not remember any accomplishment, but I am very OK with that.

6. I forgot my pick up lines notebook at home last night. So how are you?

7. I am sorry. Can you help me find something I lost around here? Your smile, did you see it?

8. Do you have any idea if I actually like you?

9. If I would give you five dollars, what would you do with them?

10. Excuse me. Where are you from? Did you come from another dimension, the Hot Zone?

The usage of such funny pick up lines to use on girls will work usually, but not always.

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