How to Attract Women – How to Be Funny With Women

Being funny is a guarantee of success with women. If women are asked about the traits they would like to have in a man, it’s the first one. Are you funny with women?

First we need to make a distinction here; being funny is not telling her jokes, having fun at other people’s expenses or doing the dancing monkey.

Being funny with women is an art in itself, you master it only by practice and trial and error. No one is born with it, but every man can achieve it.

I’m going to give you here my best advice on what really is being funny.

Women appreciate a totally different humor, as said before; they will hate you if you start to tell a joke…, what your humor should focus on is being arrogant.

Arrogance is the key to being funny with women. Many of you may object to this idea, but the first thing I had to learn with women is to accept things as they are, all women like a bit of arrogance in man.

So, what do we mean by arrogance?

It is to be playful with women in a daring, confident way. Your humor must be accompanied by audacity and sexual tension.

Give her exaggerated criticism. If she wears high heels, tell her that she must be very short to wear such shoes. If she did something accidentally, she spilled water or said something that had a sexual meaning to it, tell her that she is an embarrassment to you and she is killing her chances with you.

Be creative and don’t hurt her feelings by saying something which she may have insecurities about.

Make sure that, when you are teasing her, you look her in the eyes and be a self-confident man, this is the only way to create sexual tension with her.

You have to be mischievous with women.

Another ingredient is to be audacious with women.

Most guys would never dare to tell a woman something like a critic or a playful remark, instead they prefer to talk about politics, economic crisis, work… which most women are hypersensitive to.

You, on the other hand should talk about things most people would never dare to discuss.

For example, you see her looking at a handsome guy, tell her in a joking “effeminate” voice that you find him sexy too and you would love to lick his face. Be stupid and creative, however you should be bold and daring.

Be careful not to fall into this trap.

Never give apologies for your humor; many times the woman is simply testing you.

She will for example act as if she is hurt. Simply tell her that you are a naughty boy and you deserve to be “spanked”.

Be careful, your humor may have really offended her.

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