How to Make a Woman Want You by Creating Sexual Tension!

If you want to know how to make a woman want you, you must begin by creating sexual tension. Some would argue that this is easier said than done. I respectfully disagree. Creating sexual tension is successfully accomplished by a man’s attitude, his body language and a few easily learned flirting techniques. Once you have created and established sexual tension through the application of these techniques, you will know how to make a woman want you.

===> 1) Act Confident – Confidence is central to your success with women. A confident man is a huge turn-on to a woman. They take charge of each and every situation. In all aspects of their lives, they are in control. When they pick up a woman for a date, they have made all the arrangements for the evening’s festivities. They are never nervous, agitated or irritated. Confidence is never mistaken for cockiness.

===> 2) Positive Attitude – No doubt you have met positive and negative people in your life. Did you notice how you felt around each one? The negative person probably left you feeling downtrodden, depressed and just plain tired while the positive person left you feeling happy, refreshed and upbeat. Which one of those people would you like to spend time with? The answer is obvious, isn’t it? You won’t create sexual tension with negativity. Be positive at all times.

===> 3) Have Fun – When you are with a woman you enjoy being with there’s no reason not to have fun. Don’t worry about the outcome of the date or what she is thinking. These things will take care of themselves. Just relax, have fun and enjoy the ride. A man who is fun and relaxed is a turn-on to women.

===> 4) Be Funny – Humor is a valuable tool when it comes to creating sexual tension. You can overcome just about anything with humor. We’ve all seen the not-so-good-looking guy with the gorgeous girl and wondered how it happened. Rich? Famous? Chances are he makes her laugh. Not every guy is funny so you may need to put a little effort into this technique. A little clarification: When I say funny, I don’t mean Jim Carrey, Three Stooges, Lucille Ball kind of funny. I’m talking about using humorous stories, funny quips and witty observations. You just went, Whew, didn’t you?

There is no one secret to make a woman want you. What works for one woman may not work for another. For the best results use several techniques. Remember: Act confident, have a positive attitude, have fun and be funny. If you want to know how to make a woman want you, these methods will help you get there by creating sexual tension. Good luck.

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